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Gestion Escolar is a program that can be used for students of all ages, whether they're in kindergarden, elementary school, high school, professional school, or training programs. However, you'll be able to configure the app so that it fits your courses and your needs.

To get to work you just need:
-To create a group: code, description, and level.
-Type in the students information: fist and last name, birthday, and group that you want them to be in (Optional)

After entering in this information, you'll be able to start managing their grades, tests, and incidents (schedules are required for each group). You also have the option of including any tutors used by the students.

These are some of the characteristics:
- Management of databases of students, family members, teachers...
-Teaching: kindergarden, elementary school, high school, etc.
- Teachers enter in controls, grades, incidents, observations...
- Payments, receipts, and payments.
- Management the students' extracurricular activities, lunch hour, and transportation.
- Absences and tardies (monitor absences, tardies, and communication with the family)
- Official documentation. (records, files, final exam information, progress reports, academic history...)
- Security and customizing, every user has access to the modules allowed by the administrator.
- Configuring the windows with pre-defined styles.
- Every window can be made bigger or smaller, or full screen...etc.
- Can work with lots of windows or just one with several tabs open simultaneously.

Demo version has no restrictions.

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